Time for a blood test!
— Catherine, when she catches the player in Soul Collector

Catherine is one of the first residents of Gregory House. Both in the game and anime, she has an intense desire to draw blood from the other guests, particularly human blood. Catherine always carries a large syringe with her wherever she goes. She has several other syringes in her office, and she appears in all seasons and spin-offs of the anime.

Appearance in Gregory Horror ShowEdit

She works along side Dr. Fritz (and later, Cactus Girl) as the Doctor-Nurse team of the hotel. In the mini-series, "The Bloody Karte," which revolves around her, the audience shows the life and times of Catherine when she's not drawing blood (this doesn't last long). Catherine is proven to be a hopeless romantic, developing feelings for Cactus Gunman, Judgment Boy Gold, and Hell's Chef, all of which end badly (for the other person). She and Hell's Chef have an implied relationship in the game, though it has not been built upon in the main series or in The Bloody Karte.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show: Soul CollectorEdit

Catherine appears on the first night, after handing Neko Zombie's soul over to Death. Until the player hands over her soul , she'll wander the first floor hallway and will run away if she spots you. To collect her soul, you must first obtain a Banana Peel and drop it in her path. When she slips and falls on it, she will drop her soul; hurry in and pick it up, then get away before she recovers.

After her soul has been successfully taken, Catherine will start to pursue the player. The player is forced to run and if they get caught, they are forced to watch her Horror Show. She is very fast, but when preparing to take the killing-blow to the player, she is rather slow, making basic evasion the only means to escape her. She is also very aggressive, and can knock a player out for up to 5 hours if they have a low Mental Gauge.

Soul Collector MemosEdit

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Quotes Edit

  • "You're extremely fortunate there's a nurse like me staying at this hotel. "
  • "Ooh, that felt sooo good.."
  • "Time for a blood test!"

Trivia Edit

  • Catherine's name is misspelled on the back cover of the PS2's PAL edition of Soul Collector as 'Katherine'.
  • In the game Catherine often makes lunch for Hell's Chef to show her affections (which Gregory then steals) just like in one episode of "The Bloody Karte". Catherine and Chef also go on dates every other night from 8PM-12AM first in Chef's room then the bar. The conversation is amusing as Catherine desperately tries to flirt and win Chef's approval but all he talks about is cooking.