— Clock Master, when he uses his time powers

Clock Master is a resident of Gregory House. He is the self-titled "Ruler of Time" and has the power of time travel triggered by winding up the large key on his head. However, he's coming on in years and can't travel quite as far as he used to. He has a son and often drowns his sorrows in alcohol.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show Edit

In the anime, he appears in both mainstream seasons and Last Train. He always appears with My Son. His current fate is unknown, since he was last seen eating radioactive peanuts, causing him to foam at the mouth and fall onto the ground.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector Edit

In Soul Collector, he appears on the fourth night alongside his son and Angel/Devil Dog. He doesn't carry a soul himself; My Son carries the soul for him.


  • "No one picks on My Son! Not without a whoppin!"
  • "You, stop right there!"
  • "Return it to My Son, at once!"


  • In the game, Clock Master has a Golden Stopwatch which he use it to skip time forward one hour. Player can steal this rare item from him when he passes out after he chases you around. When it is on the player's possession, the player will become the new master of time. It is useful to get Angel Dog's soul by traveling one hour ahead.