The player finds an item

Type Other
Unlock Night Night 2
Location Ground Floor, First Floor
Inhabitants Mummy Dog, Lost Doll, Cactus Gunman, Roulette Boy, My Son, and Angel Dog

The Courtyard is an open field, located in the central part of the house's Ground Floor. It is accessible through a metal door on either the north of the Kitchen or south of the Changing Room, or through the garbage chute from the Bar on the First Floor. The hatch door on the Third Basement Floor also takes you back to the Courtyard. It also allows access to the basement/dungeon.


Gregory unlocks the door to this area on the second night.

The Courtyard is the key to the player's survival, as it regenerates 3 random Herbs everyday. These are not only potent healing items, but can also be exchanged for their Tea equivalents in the shop.


The south side has a metal door which leads to the Kitchen (middle), a garbage collecting point (bottom right) and a garbage disposal area (bottom left) which is blocked by a metal fence. The west side has a garden which grows Herbs, while the east side has a small house which contains a stair leading to Basement Level 1. The north side has another metal door which leads to the north side hallway of the hotel (across the Changing Room).


  • 3 Herbs (regenerate)
  • Red Herb
  • 3 Empty Cans
  • Me and My Dolly #2
  • Brother's Lasso #3