Come on now... Give it up... Throw away all dem worries!
— Death, when the player goes to sleep with souls in Soul Collector

Death is the Gregory Horror Show version of the Grim Reaper.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show Edit

Almost surprisingly, he is an ally of the guest and in both mainstream seasons has assisted them, in the first season by cutting off the pursuing Gregory, and in the second by leading the Second Guest to her body. He is in charge of putting souls in purgatory to rest using his scythe, but he will not do so if he thinks the soul has left the body much too early. He has appeared in the mainstream seasons and Last Train.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector Edit

In Soul Collector, Death is also a supporter of the player character. He appears to the player whenever they fall asleep in the bed in the player's room. Death charges the player with collecting the twelve souls the guests are holding, in exchange for the exit to the hotel; he's also the one to loan the body of a young boy or girl (depending on the gender of the player given to Gregory earlier) for the player to use. By sleeping in the bed in the player's room, the player can deliver any souls they have collected to Death.


  • "So... Ya only brought me one, huh?"
  • "Reality is far from paradise. It's nothing but a boring daily routine."
  • "Those are your memories of his world, the ones you can't seem to forget. Could it be that you don't want to go back to your old life?"


  • Death's arrival is announced by the sound of a small bell ringing.
  • Death has a Swedish flag hat in reference to the Ingmar Bergman movie "The Seventh Seal"
  • Death's voice notably changes between the two mainstream seasons (his voice in Last Train matches that of the second season), and is much different in Soul Collector, sporting a more carefree accent.
  • Death has yet to appear in the hotel proper; he has appeared only in the boundaries between the hotel and reality, between the hotel and the next life, and in the Last Train's engine room.
  • In the game, you do have a choice to keep the souls you gotten and just sleep normally, to explore the hotel more so without advancing the story and without adding more guests to the hotel. When Death asks you to hand over the souls, choose "no." He'll leave and you'll wake up fully refreshed as usual.