Dirty Book
Type Key Item
Use give it to Gregory on two separate occasions
Location Catherine's Room, later Storeroom
Stars None
Flavor Text
Inventory Gregory's secret book of dirty photos. Don't let the kids see it!
The Dirty Book is a key item in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. It is an adult magazine belonging to Gregory; it makes him terribly embarrassed if anyone else is caught with it. It is first found in Catherine's room. If you spy on Catherine, it is revealed that someone has been snooping around in her room. It may be assumed that she is referring to the player; however, if you also spy on James, it is revealed that he is the one who has hidden it in her room.

Uses Edit

The book is required as part of the puzzle to get Judgment Boy's soul; present it to Gregory to make the Self-Help Book appear in the Library.

After you first give it to Gregory, it can be retrieved from where he hid it in the Storeroom. From here, it is part of the puzzle to steal Angel/Devil Dog's soul. It must be taken from the Storeroom and given to Gregory shortly before he enters the Lounge at 6:30 PM, where Angel Dog is waiting for him. Doing so will cause Gregory to run off to rehide it in the same place, causing him to forget about cleaning the Lounge.

In the animeEdit

In episode 10 of The Bloody Karte, Gregory is seen reading an adult magazine in his room. It is speculated that this is the source of of the Dirty Book in the game. Like in the game, he tries to hide its presence from the others, especially James and Gregory Mama.

Trivia Edit

  • The magazine is called 'Erotic Night'.