Type Key Item
Use can be placed on the ground to distract Lost Doll
Location Gregory Horror Shop
Stars ☆☆☆☆☆
Flavor Text
Inventory A cute little doll. A great present for a young girl!

The Doll is a key item in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. It is used to obtain Lost Doll's soul.

How to obtain

On Night 2, this item can finally be purchased from the shop. It's under the tab "Sundries".

After purchasing, simply use this item when near Lost Doll and she will get distracted for 1 in-game hour. This is useful if you want to sneak into her room, as she seems to be constantly guarding it. Therefore, it is required in order to steal her soul from that room.

After purchasing once, the Doll will always be available at the shop from then on.


  • The doll, like the Banana Peel, will have a star (☆) icon on the map until it is used up.