The map of the first floor.

The First Floor (or 1st Fl. on the map) is the second floor of the Gregory House. It is first accessible at the start of the Second Night.

The map of this floor can be found from Room 202.


The western side of this floor contains three guest rooms. The first room is Room 201 where Hell’s Chef occupies, the second room is Judgement Boy Gold's Room and the third room Room 202 which is unoccupied and where the player can obtain the map of this floor.

The eastern side has four guest rooms; Room 203 (Cactus Girl's room), Room 204 (Cactus Gunman's room), Room 205 (Lost Doll's room) and Room 206 which is unoccupied. There is also a Fortune Telling Room to the left of Cactus Girl's room where you can save your game's progress. Several boarded holes can be seen in the walls along this hallway - knock on one of them will give you chocolate. There is a bridge on the northern side which connects the western side with the eastern side. Both ends are separated by a door.

The central part of this floor contains a bar. Inside the bar there is a small kitchen behind the counter as well as a garbage chute which leads you down to the Courtyard on the Ground Floor.

Guest Rooms

Unoccupied Guest Rooms

Hotel Amenities