Fortune Telling Room
The player goes to save their game.

Type Hotel Anemity
Unlock Night Night 1
Location Ground Floor and First Floor
Inhabitants Frog Fortune-Teller

The fortune telling room is the room that allows the player to save their game. It is easily identified by its ornate wooden door with small round glass on it. The room contains the Frog Fortune-Teller and her crystal ball, as well as mysterious fog filling the entire room.

There are only two fortune telling rooms found in the house. The first is located on the Ground Floor, near the Library and Room 104. The second is located on the First Floor next to Cactus Girl's room.


  • If you are being chased by any guest, then you will not be able to enter the room and she will say "I refuse to get involved, ribbit.". This is most likely to prevent players from saving before dying.



The door to the room. It is easily identified because of the round glass.