Golden Stopwatch
Type Other Item
Use Skip in-game time one hour ahead.
Location Clock Master's pocket
Stars None
Flavor Text
Inventory A mysterious watch that advances time. Now you're the time master!
The Golden Stopwatch is an item featured in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. It can only be obtained from Clock Master when he is unconscious. It has the ability to skip in-game time one hour ahead.

How to obtain

To obtain this item, the player must show the Screwdriver that was stolen from My Son in the Storeroom to him at the Bar. When he realizes that you have stole it from his son, he will explode in a fit of rage and starts chasing you around the hotel. When he is about to stop time for the third time, his screw on top of his head will come out and collapse. Once he passes out, quickly knock on his body and you will get this item. When you take this, you will become the new master of time.


The Golden Stopwatch can be use to skip in-game time one hour ahead. This is very useful for getting Angel Dog's soul in the Lounge.

However, like Fruit of Time, Golden Stopwatch can damages the player when they use it as it takes some part of the player's Mental Gauge, therefore, the player must ensure that their Mental Gauge is at sufficient level before using. But unlike Fruit of Time, Golden Stopwatch only takes little damages as it only skips time one hour ahead.