Ground floor map-0

The map of the ground floor.

The Ground Floor (or G Fl. on the map) is the first and the main floor of the Gregory House. It is the only floor accessible from the start of the game and it hosts about half of the hotel's guests.

The map of this floor can be received from Gregory on the First Night when the player talk to him shortly after Catherine arrives.


The eastern side of this floor contains four guestrooms (the player's room, Neko Zombie's room, an unoccupied room and Catherine's room) and a Fortune Teller Room. Going along the hallway further to the north is a staircase which leads to the First Floor and the Library at the end of the hallway.

The northern side is where the Jacuzzi and the Changing Room are located. Opposite the Changing Room is a metal door which goes to the courtyard.

The western side contains the Nurse's Office, Lounge, Clock Master/My Son's room, the Judgement Factory and Mummy Papa and Mummy Dog's room. At the end of the hallway when walking north is the Storeroom and another staircase going up to the First Floor. There is a barred door near the Nurse's Office which leads to the First Basement Floor, but must be unlocked from the other side first.

The southern side is where the Lobby (with the front desk and the main entrance door), Manager's Office and Gregory Horror Shop are located. There are two staircases which goes up to the First Floor, each are located at both ends of the lobby.

The Dining Room, Kitchen and Courtyard are located in the central part of this floor. The Courtyard can be accessed from the Kitchen and the northern hallway. It contains a garden which grows Herbs, a garbage collecting point and a door to the 1st Basement Floor.

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  • Even though this floor is named the Ground Floor, Gregory mistakenly identifies it as the First Floor in his voice lines about the Self-Help Book.