Herb Teas
Type Healing Item
Use Restores the player's Mental Gauge
Location Lounge
Gregory Horror Shop
Stars ☆☆☆ Green Herb Tea
☆☆☆☆ Yellow Herb Tea
☆☆☆☆☆ Red Herb Tea
Flavor Text
Inventory 'To be added.'
Tea Herbs are a series of healing items found in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. They are drinkable version of Herbs, and shares the same function, that is, restores the player's Mental Gauge. Like Herbs, Tea Herbs also comes in three colors; Green, Yellow and Red.


Like Herbs, Tea Herbs are used to restore the player's Mental Gauge, as well as to prevent the gauge from dropping to zero. The amount of healing varies from the three colors of the teas, but unlike regular Herbs, Tea Herbs heals more than the former. Green herb teas heals 2 to 3/5 part of the gauge, yellow tea herbs heals 4/5 part and red herb teas heals potentially 100% of the gauge.


For a more detailed explanation, see page: Item Locations.

Unlike Herbs where they can be found in almost every locations throughout the game, Tea Herbs can only be found in Lounge and Gregory Horror Shop as purchasable items. They can also be found in Gregory Mama's room in Night Five. Generally, Yellow and Red Tea Herbs tends to be harder and rarer to be found.