Assorted herbs
Type Healing Item
Use Restores the player's Mental Gauge
Location Almost everywhere
Stars ☆ Green Herb
☆☆ Yellow Herb
☆☆☆ Red Herb
Flavor Text
Inventory Green: The smell of this herb relaxes you. Restores a tiny amount of MG.

Yellow: The smell of this yellow herb relaxes you. Restores a small amount of MG.
Red: The smell of this red herb relaxes you. Restores a medium amount of MG.

Herbs are a series of healing items in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. They are used to restore the player's Mental Gauge. Herbs comes in three colors; Green, Yellow and Red.

A drinkable version of these herbs are called Herb Teas. There is also another version of herb which is extremely rare but can restore all the player's MG, the Angel Herb.


Herbs are used to restore the player's Mental Gauge and to keep it at sufficient level to prevent it from dropping to zero. The amount of healing varies from each of the three herb colors. Green Herbs restores a minimal amount of MG, usually about 1/4 part of the gauge, Yellow Herbs restores 2/4 to 3/4 of the gauge. Red Herbs restores almost the entire part of the gauge, about 4/5 part of it.


For a more detailed explanation, see page: Item Locations

Herbs are found almost everywhere throughout the house. They can also be found growing (regenerates) in the Courtyard's garden. It seems that the longer the player waits, the more valuable the herbs will be. In other words, there is a chance that the player will get either a Yellow or Red Herb if they return to the garden a little bit later. Room 1 in Basement Level 1 is also known to regenerate about 11 assorted herbs.

Green Herbs are the most common one found in the game, while Yellow and Red ones tends to be rare; some of these are only found in certain locations.


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