The player finds a banana peel in the trash.

Type Hotel Anemity
Unlock Night Night 1
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants Catherine, Gregory, James, Neko Zombie, and Hell's Chef
​​​​​​The Kitchen is a room on the ground floor of the Gregory House in Soul Collector. It is between the outside courtyard and the dining room.


The Kitchen plays an important role to steal few guests souls.

  • Catherine: This room is where you first get the banana peel in order to obtain her soul.
  • Hell's Chef: You use the pot to ruin his meal in order to get him to chase you.


For a more detailed explanation, see page: Item Locations

  • Banana
  • Spring Water
  • Various Fruits
  • 2 Fresh Meats
  • Blood Horoscope #1 (rare book after watching Catherine's Special Action)


  • Neko Zombie's special action consists of him breaking out of his room and scouring the Kitchen's freezer locker for a snack. If the player talks to him, Gregory will come and drag Neko Zombie back to his room, even if Gregory is nowhere close to the Kitchen at the time.