Library inside

Type Library
Unlock Night {{{night}}}
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants James, Gregory,Mummy Papa, and Hell's Chef

The Library contains lots of books including the Self-Help Book which is a key item needed for Judgement Boy's soul. Books that can be read in your room to increase your Mental Gauge will stand out on the shelves because they're a different color and are a lot brighter.


The player must go to this room to get the Self-Help Book in order to get Judgement Boy's soul. Before that, the player must search for the Dirty Book in Catherine's room and then show it to Gregory which then he'll tell you to read something tasteful in the Library.


The room is lined with shelves of books. In front of the door is a table, on which different books and sometimes common items can be found at various points in the game.



  • James will be here pulling books off shelves and causing mischief from 8 AM until 10 AM.
  • Gregory will be tidying up the mess James made from 10 AM until 12 AM.
  • Mummy Papa will be reading about illnesses in here from 7 PM until 10 PM. He will then pass out after this period until midnight.
  • Hell's Chef will be making a recipe from 7 AM until 9 AM (second half).


You can read information in the library by going up to the bookshelves and pressing X. The following passages are available;

  • The Rules of Tag (tips on hiding from guests).
  • TV Fish (tips on catching TV Fish and when it will appear).
  • A Fairy Tale (referring to Gregory Mama as 'the Red Queen' or something. It makes reference to a red charm which could be referring to the red handkerchief which you have had with you since the start that ends up playing an important role in the end).
  • Daily Proverbs 1-5 (various hints and tips useful for general game play and soul collecting).


Many books will appear in this room on different nights, so it is recommended to return here often.