GHS animetitle

The anime's season 1 title card

Season 1Edit

Ep #| Name (assumed)| Characters besides Gregory featured
1| Gregory| none
"What am I doing walking through this forest? I remember taking the last train to the station, and... then I started walking home. Where... Where am I now?"
The First Guest arrives, and Gregory prepares his room. What was that scream...?
2| The Room| Judgement Boy
"As soon as I got here, one of the guests mysteriously vanished. So what's gonna happen when the next guest arrives?"
Gregory shows the Guest to his room. There's a bloodstain on the floor, and he's not allowed to open the window or wardrobe... What could be inside?
3| Neko Zombie| Neko Zombie
"I was exhausted. I just wanted to get some rest. I shoulde have ignored the sounds coming from the room next door and gone straight to bed."
Room 203's door looks like a metal and highly secure safe. What are those meowrs and hisses coming from inside?
4| Lost Doll| Lost Doll
"When I was a child, I used to create fantasy worlds in my mind, but I always knew the difference between reality and make-believe. Now, I'm not so sure."
"Go ahead... give the poor thing a hug... I'm certain it will make her feel better..."
5| Hell's Chef| Hell's Chef
"I was given a bowl of soup, soup I never should have eaten. This was no ordinary meal."
The soup looks suspicious, but the consequences for not eating could be more hazardous to the Guest's health.
6| Catherine| Catherine
"M-my body is numb. It must be because of that soup. I can't move. Everything is blurry. I'm helpless!"
The Guest may have barely survived the soup, but when Catherine is the nurse, the disease may be better than the cure.
7| Mummy Dog & Mummy Papa| Mummy Dog, Mummy Papa, Catherine
"How can I still be alive, after I've lost so much blood? If she comes with that needle again, I'm not sure I'll survive."
As the Guest lies in his bed, trying to recover in spite of the nurse, he is visited by two people who are both worse off and better off at the same time.
8| Judgement Boy| Judgement Boy
"How can I think clearly if I have to make a decision in a split second? And if I do, will that decision be the right one?"
The guest may have recovered physically, but the mental assult continues with a dangerous (if hypothetical) choice.
9| Cactus Gunman| Cactus Gunman
"If I'm challenged to a battle but have no idea why I'm fighting, will I be able to pull the trigger in order to survive?"
Cactus Gunman can be very rude; first he kicks the door to the Guest's room to pieces, then he challenges him to a duel.
10| TV Fish| TV Fish
"The bizzare is becoming so mundane that my memory of reality is fading away. I can't even remember the faces of my family anymore."
There's a floating fish skeleton with a TV for a head. That's weird enough on its own. But what's that on the screen...? A familiar voice...
11| Public Phone| Neko Zombie, Public Phone
"I just remembered that I can have a cell phone in my pocket. Somehow I must get in touch with my family... before I... disappear."
Maybe the Guest can save himself if he can get in touch with his family. His cell phone is eaten by Neko Zombie, though, so he'll have to find an alternative method.
12| Room 207| Judgement Boy, Prompter, Gregory Mama (voice only)
"I can't tell. Is everyone in this hotel completely crazy? Or, am I? At this point, I don't think I even care."
It's time for another round of the Judgement Game. However, even Gregory's not immune to the horrors of his own hotel...
13| Clock Master| Clock Master, My Son
"If only time was a clock I could wind backwards, then I'd go back to that night, the moonless night I lost my way and checked into this cursed hotel."
There's a warp in the Guest's time! It's too late to fix it, but Clock Master can take him back to before it warped. Is this the way out?
14| Frog Fortune-Teller| Frog Fortune-Teller, Toilet Baby
"Is there any point in seeing the future in a crystal ball when I'm powerless to do anything but accept it?"
The second half of the Guest's stay at Gregory House starts with... water. A lot of water.
15| Roulette Boy| Prompter, Roulette Boy
"I have only one option now: I have to accept whatever happens. There's no use fighting anymore. Though I can't help wondering what waits for me ahead."
Trapped in a large room, Gregory and Guest have to play Roulette Boy's deadly board game. This game would be in the inspiration for Hell's Roulette in Soul Collector.
16| Speed Mouse| Speed Mouse, Mutant Ducks
"It isn't the darkness itself that I'm afraid of, but the idea that it may never end."
The Guest and Gregory ride the most thrilling roller coaster in the world... and the most dangerous!
17| Mirror Man| Mirror Man, Kinko and Inko
"The last thing I remember is falling into darkness. When I woke up, I was in a mirrored room. A room made of mirrors, and I can't see my own reflection."
The Guest gazes into the Mirror of Truth, but he's not gonna like what he sees.
18| Kinko and Inko| Kinko and Inko, Gregory Mama
"I managed to lose something very important to me. It may have often been difficult and confusing, but it was a part of me. Why didn't I notice it was gone?"
The Guest has lost his heart. Could the dream of Kinko the safe be of any help?
19| Gregory Mama| Gregory Mama, Judgement Boy
"I can't see the path in front of me. I don't even know where I am. But I can feel the heart that I got back, beating, telling me to keep on going."
Gregory is berated by his witch of a mother. Meanwhile, the Guest has another round of the Judgement game.
20| Angel/Devil Dog| Angel/Devil Dog
"This is the path that I chose. I'm supposed to be following my own road now. But when you begin to doubt your decisions, all paths start to close before you."
The guest runs through the catacombs below Gregory House. Is there a way out?
21| Dead Body| Dead Body
"I wonder who is sleeping here in this graveyard, beneath these old tombstones, and just how much time is left before I end up joining them."
When trying to hide from Gregory in the graveyard, the Guest encounters another hideaway... one who's certainly seen better days.
22| Heaven or Hell| Neko Zombie, Angel/Devil Dog
"It's no use. I don't think I have the will to get out of here. I can't believe it, but I actually feel relieved to return to my room."
The memories of the Guest's life back home are fading fast. Can Neko Zombie actually be the one to save him? Where does Angel Dog's door lead?
23| Judgement Boy Gold| Judgement Boy 1 - 4, Judgement Boy Gold, Gregory Mama
"Heaven... or Hell? At this point, it doesn't really matter, as long as the decision is mine."
As the Guest's escape back to reality beings, the king of the Judgement Boys arrives to proclaim the ultimate judgement.
24| Death| Death
"I'm trying to go back, back to my daily routine, but I can't seem to shake these thoughts of that dark night when I lost my way."
Escaping back to reality is a most difficult thing when you're being persued by Gregory's spirit. The Guest could use a little more help...
25| Haniwa Salaryman| Haniwa Salaryman
"All you lost souls, go ahead and take a good look at yourselves. See your sad faces as you drift mindlessly through your bland reality."
Now that the Guest has finally returned home, he finds out whether or not it was all worth it.

Season 2: The Second GuestEdit

Ep #| Name (assumed)| Characters besides Gregory featured
1| The Second Guest| Haniwa Salaryman
"What am I doing wandering through this forest...? The last thing I remember is being in a taxi on my way home from my friend's wedding. How did I end up in a place like this?"
A woman on her way from her friend's wedding checks in, and gets a glance at what the first guest had become...
2| A Rose is a Rose| none
"I feel a lot like that rose. Even as its petals are rotting away, its thorns still keep anyone from touching it. What a sad sight."
Gregory brings the Second Guest a rose with touchy-feely issues...
3| Hell's Chef| Hell's Chef
"I lit a cigarette, hoping it would calm me down. I know smoking's bad for you, but I never realized the danger could be so... immediate."
I don't know why Gregory allows smoking when he knows the chef hates anything that numbs taste buds.
4| Catherine| Catherine
"The huge syringes lined up against the wall should have been enough of a warning that this was a dangerous room with no ordinary guest."
The Second Guest overhears a conversation between Gregory and Catherine about her.
5| James| James, Catherine
"The innocent mischief of a child led me into danger. At least, I think it was innocent. In this place, how can I know for sure?"
James makes his debut, with blood-draining results.
6| Lost Doll| James, Lost Doll, Hell's Chef
"I should have recognized the strong ties between those two. I can't believe that I let my guard down like that."
To make up for his bad behavior the previous night, James gives the Second Guest a present... Lost Doll.
7| The Time Traveler| Clock Master, Prompter, My Son
"The only thing I wanted to do was drink my sorrows away, but instead, I managed to end up drowning in my memories."
The Second Guest has one of Gregory's specialty cocktails.
8| Sleepy Sheep| Sleepy Sheep
"I was trying to get some sleep, when this strange animal came into my room and offered to help. Little did he know how his help would hurt me."
Sleepy Sheep tries to help the Second Guest to sleep.
9| Bonsai Kabuki| Bonsai Kabuki
"Wild fantasies and impossible dreams always lead to emptiness in the end, as their dazzling colors fade to the dreary gray of reality."
Fantasy time! The Second Guest has a strange dream with a very strange man.
10| Cactus Gunman| Frog Fortune-Teller, Cactus Gunman
"I see a red flame burning inside a crystal ball. What does it mean? Does it mean that there is a future where I will burn with passion once again?"
There are flames in the Second Guest's very near future. Could it be the fire of the Gunman's pistols?
11| Cactus Girl| Cactus Girl, James, Cactus Gunman
"The fortune-teller said there would be jealousy in my future. I didn't expect anything like this to happen."
Cactus Girl tries to get the Second Guest to date her big brother... by threatening to hang Gregory.
12| Judgement Factory| Judgement Boy 1-4, Judgement Boy Gold, Prompter, Gregory Mama
"Sometimes I feel that reality is a heavy burden, and I can't bear the weight of the decisions I once thought were the right ones."
The Second Guest watches the Judgement Boys practice their Judgement Game... then gets her heavy heart weighted.
13| Gregory Mama| Gregory Mama, James
"I get it now. I know what it is they want from me. I know why I'm here. And I'm terrified."
The Second Guest has a very scary run-in with the magic of Gregory Mama.
14| Trap Mouse| Gregory Mama, James, Trap Mouse
"The little boy's gift may have looked innocent, but I could smell the danger. In this dark place, evil intentions have set their sight on me."
James has a little difficulty giving the Second Guest a gift... a transmitter for the mechanical munching Trap Mouse.
15| Hell's Taxi| Hell's Taxi, James
"If only I could get away from here. I don't care where; the farther away the better. Is the forest outside my escape or will it only lead further into hopelessness?"
The Second Guest's bid for freedom doesn't go so well... mostly because James is hitching a ride with her.
16| Poor Conductor| Poor Conductor, Prompter, Dead Body, Hell's Taxi
"Lost in the forest I find... something that I did not expect. Someone even more alone than I am, singing along to a mournful melody."
Wandering lost in the forest around the hotel, the Second Guess finds a very depressed conductor in the graveyard.
17| Umbaba| Umbaba, James
"The rhythm of the earth fills my ears and shakes my soul. Finally the sounds of madness come to an end, leaving only the shell of my body behind."
Gregory plans to shake the Second Guest's soul of her body with Umbaba's rhythm, but James's interference sends the blasts swinging wide.
18| Scattered Souls| Gregory Mama, James
"I could feel reality slipping away from me on the other side of this glass. I was about to accept my fate, as my life drew to a close..."
Barely escaping from Gregory Mama, Gregory, James, and the Second Guest hurry for their bodies.
19| I See a Wrinkled Old Hag!| James, Gregory Mama
"I've suddenly been set free, but where do I go from here? The reality I knew lies in fragments and will never shine again like it once did."
"Commence attack! Destroy the wrinkled old hag!" -James in Gregory's body

Gregory and James's souls have switched bodies! Leave it to James to get Gregory in trouble with his mother. Meanwhile, the Second Guest, still bodiless, drifts further.
20| Death| Death, Mono Eye Wizard
"I must be in some kind of purgatory, trapped between life and death, and yet I still cling to my memories of reality, those thoughts I just can't part with."
The soul of the Second Guest gets a helping hand from Death. The only episode to not have Gregory.
21| Mono Eye Wizard| Mono Eye Wizard, Death (voice)
"Meaningless words are thrown at my coffin. How dare they amuse themselves by praying around my helpless body?"
The Second Guest doesn't have much time before her body is destroyed.
22| TV Fish| TV Fish, Gregory Mama, James
"I'm being engulfed by a wave of anger and sorrow, and reality has been pulled from beneath my feet."
A very angry Second Guest, via TV Fish, evesdrops on a conversation between Gregory and his mother.
23| Neko Zombie| Neko Zombie, Gregory Mama
"The fine membrane separating fact from fiction is getting thinner every minute, peeled away by echoing screams of pain. What will emerge when it peels away completely?"
The imprisoned cat's last stand is at hand. "Let's put an end to this, once and for all!"
24| The Great Fire of Gregory House| Neko Zombie, James, Gregory Mama, Frog Fortune-Teller, Lost Doll, Hell's Chef
"The flames reduce everything they touch to ashes. My anger and sorrow have vanished, only to be replaced by overwheming fear."
Gregory House is going down in flames! In order to destroy this world for sure, can the Second Guest make the sacrifice?
25| What Went Up in Flames| Gregory Mama, James
"Time stops breathing, and shooting stars turn to crystal. The darkness swallows everything. Eventually, life returns, giving birth to eternity."
The air, white with ashy fog. The charred remains of a structure are all that stands. The Second Guest has made her choice; now, only eternity lies ahead. "It's time to greet our next guest!"

Season 3: The Last TrainEdit

Ep #| Name (assumed)| Characters besides Gregory featured
1| The Last Train| Haniwa Salaryman
"Midnight approaches, and an army of lost souls makes their journey homeward, unchaining themselves from their desks for but a few hours before repeating the cycle the next morning. All in order to feed their family's ravenous appitite for more. More. More." -Gregory
"So... you travel?" "I suppose you could call it a journey." -Haniwa, Gregory

The ride begins. Gregory makes an aquaintence in Stephen Haniwa.
2| Dead Body| Dead Body x2
"You want a normal body, right? Well take it from me, you got to take risks to get what you want in life." -Dead Body
Gregory and two Dead Bodies drink to keep themselves warm when the heat is out.
3| Street Vendor| Street Vendor, Clock Master, My Son, Mutant Ducks
"What exactly did they genetically modify?" -Gregory
Gregory chooses genetically-modified peanuts over the radioactive kind. Clock Master decides otherwise.
4| Pig Gentleman| Pig Gentleman, Hell's Chef
"I think it looks like a nice pork loin- uh, no, a nice steak." -Gregory
The Pig Gentleman doesn't like Hell's Chef's meat. It'll be the last thing he doesn't like, naturally.
5| Mummy Dog & Mummy Papa| Mummy Dog, Mummy Papa, Mummy Mama
"That's one tough family..." -Gregory
Gregory encounters the Mummy family and watches as they drink poison (although they think it's cold medicine...).
6| Cactusland| Cactus Gunman, Cactus Girl
"Isn't it interesting how missing your shots can turn you into a target?" -Gregory
The Cactus siblings attempt to board the trail to flee Cactusland after a failed revolution.
7| Musha Dokuro| Musha Dokuro, Hell's Chef
"I hate warriors. I hate warriors!!" -Hell's Chef
Gregory has to deal with a ghostly overloyal warrior. So he redirects him to the chef.
8| Lost Doll| Lost Doll
"I'm inside your body, inside your mind! I am your darkness, little girl!" -Lost's Doll's doll
Gregory tries to help a young girl find her lost doll Katie.
9| Fat Chicken| Street Vendor, Fat Chicken
"Well the truth is I don't really have to do anything. Apparently, my job is to just to keep on eating." -Fat Chicken
Gregory meets a large chicken that's found his "dream job."
10| Bonsai Kabuki| Bonsai Kabuki, Catherine
"Y'know, I really envy people who are able to turn their fantasies into reality so quickly." -Gregory
Gregory gets a ticket to Bonsai Kabuki's Fantasy Theater show.
11| Bone Head| Bone Head
"Is it love or is it revenge? Whichever one it is, I wish them both happiness." -Gregory
Gregory meets an archeologist searching for legendary fossils.
12| Sleepy Sheep| Sleepy Sheep, Gregory Mama (through Sleepy Sheep)
"Oh no, I saw the really scary lady, and she says that next she's gonna come visit your dream!" -Sleepy Sheep
Gregory's attempts to help a little sheep get some sleep only results in a nightmare for him.
13| Judgement Boy| Judgement Boy
"You have just reached a crossroad in life. Should you be going to the left, or should you be going to the right? Although the track has already been laid, you cannot help but hesitate, when you learn that the passenger's fate depends on your decision!" -Judgement Boy
"What? Hm? You say you don't want to lead the passengers to the depths of dispair? Well then I say don't do it! Why should you let someone else decide your destination? There's only one direction: the future! Don't hesitate! Proceed straight ahead!" -Gregory

Gregory helps the train to overcome Judgement Boy's trials with the most awesome inspirational speech ever.
14| Warp| Gregory Mama, Gregory
"What is it that I'm being asked to do? Am I supposed to go back to Gregory House?" -Gregory
The train moves through a time-space warp, and Gregory has one of the trippiest moments of his life.
15| Trap Mouse| Trap Mouse x2
"But be careful; your instincts might be stronger than you think." -Gregory
Gregory talks with two Trap Mouse friends that have problems with being too close to people... including each other.
16| Egypetit| Egypetit, Mummy Papa
"Damnit. I should've checked the expiring date." -Egypetit
Gregory must find and eliminate the cause of a horrible odor that's filled the entire train.
17| James| Street Vendor, James
"What the hell are you doing on this train anyway, James?" "Why are you on this train, Grandpa?" -Gregory, James
There's a rash of stolen wallets on the train. James has just revealed himself to be onboard. Coincidence? ...Hell no.
18 & 19| Poor Conductor| Poor Conductor
"So they shall feel my wrath! They shall tremble before my melody as it leads them to destruction!" -Poor Conductor
Gregory has to save the entire train from Poor Conductor's record world.
20| Roulette Boy| Roulette Boy, Prompter
"Sir, the train is being held here until your reach your goal. Please attempt to choose the less hazardous numbers." -train announcer
Gregory has to play a dangerous game with Roulette Boy.
21| Public Phone| Public Phone, Gregory Mama
"Hello there. Public Phone at your service. False testimonies, creating alibis, no job is too big or too small." -Public Phone
Gregory has to deal with a maniupulative parroting con artist.
22| Death| Death
"Don't ask me; I don't know. It's your job to figure that out on your own, Gregory." -Death
Gregory investigates a power outage in the train engine.
23| The Lost World| none
"What are you trying to tell me? That I have to trust fate?!" -Gregory
Gregory shoots for the Lost World.
24| Neko Zombie| Catherine, Neko Zombie
"What do you think you're doing? Time to wake up." -Neko Zombie
Gregory's attempt to surround himself in his own illusions gets derailed by Neko Zombie.
25| Mirror of Eternity| Haniwa Salaryman, Dead Body x2, Musha Dokuro, Trap Mouse x2, Lost Doll, Fat Chicken, Mirror Man (as the Mirror of Eternity)
"An eternity repeating endlessly... That's where this journey ends." -Gregory
"Mirror of Eternity, show me my reflection! I'm ready to see what I have to! My conscience is no longer binding me... for I myself am the conscience. I am none other than ambition itself! I am the water rat without a body, running along the circuit of souls! All will flow as all is meant to!" -Gregory

The train hands in the void, chained. As Gregory reflects on his turbulent ride, he admits his role in the universe.
26| Ambition| James, Street Vendor, Bonsai Kabuki, Catherine
"Grandpa, what's this train called?" "Called? Well James, as a matter of fact, I call the train 'Ambition.'" -James, Gregory
Gregory finds James having fun with a toy train.

Season 4: The Bloody KarteEdit

Ep #| Name| Characters besides Gregory and Catherine featured
1| The Sigh of an Angel| Dead Body
"They say there's someone out there for everyone, so there must be someone for her." -Gregory
We are introduced to Catherine's plight of work and love in the Karte Hospital.
2| Swept Away| Dr. Fritz, Mummy Papa
"Do you think I caught a cold?" "Um, no... I think we're far past that stage." "Doctor, I think we should take a blood sample." "Catherine, I think we're past that stage too." -Mummpy Papa, Dr. Fritz, Catherine
Fritz's situation with a patient that's already dead isn't made any more bearable by Gregory.
3| A Maiden's Hangnail| Cactus Gunman
"We're in for quite a storm tonight." -Gregory
When Cactus Gunman stumbles wounded into the hospital, Catherine nurses him back to health. But will it last?
4| A Value of a Shine| Judgement Boy Gold
"They say the shine of gold will drive men mad." -Gregory
It'll take Gregory's skill to to reveal the truth of Catherine's latest crush.
5| Goodbye My Love| Hell's Chef
"Interesting. Is he on a diet or something? But he's so beautiful the way he is." -Catherine
Catherine prepares several of her box lunches for Hell's Chef and leaves them in the kitchen. But nothing is as it seems.
6| The Tale of a Traitor| Dr. Fritz, Musha Dokuro, Mummy Papa
"Prepare yourself! I have orders from my lord to end your life! Say your prayers!" -Musha Dokuro
Fritz stumbles upon Musha Dokuro, giving him a chance to get revenge on Catherine.
7| Future Tense| Frog Fortune-Teller, Dr. Fritz
"The future is ever changing." -Frog Fortune-Teller
The fortune teller tells Catherine's future, a bouquet of roses on its way in the hands of her prince.
8| The Shape of Memories| Dr. Fritz, Haniwa Salaryman
"What a lonely-looking man. Marvelous." -Catherine
Catherine wants to give Haniwa a hug.
9| Retribution for a Secret| James, Gregory Mama, Dr. Fritz
"It's supposed to be good for your eyes. It's a big secret. I promised Grandpa that I wouldn't tell." -James
Gregory's family makes a sudden visit to the hospital, and he has trouble keeping his secret... secret.
10| The Tequila Pledge| Dr. Fritz, Cactus Girl, Cactus Gunman
"You shouldn't be playing with that thing. If one of your bullets hit someone, you could really hurt them." "One already did!" -Catherine, Dr. Fritz
Dr. Fritz's tequila goes missing. And in the only plot-callback in the entire series, Cactus Girl comes seeking revenge and to resuce her brother.
11| A Whirlwind Romance| Dr. Fritz, Cactus Gunman, various other characters
"I'm going... away." -Catherine
Catherine debates her passions for her work and her love life. Features arguably the funniest (and only) comedy gag in the series.
12| The Stardust Future| Lost Doll, Cactus Girl, Dr. Fritz, Hell's Taxi
"Time sures moves quickly, doesn't it Doctor?" -Cactus Girl
Catherine's tale ends with an interesting twist. "See you in the next trip!"