The player finds a secret.

Type Other
Unlock Night Night 1
Location Ground Floor and First Floor (balcony)
Inhabitants Gregory, James, Other*
The Lobby is a large room at the front of the Gregory House, located south on the map. This is the room that almost every character in the game will inhabit. It is also the place where you will fight with Gregory Mama in the Fifth Night before you make your way out back to reality.


The north side of this room has a set of two stairs which takes you up to the First Floor, as well as a large door to the Dining Room. The east side has the Manager's Office, a door which leads you to the western hallway and the front desk where Gregory spend most of his time working. To the south is the main door of the house which is locked (until the Fifth Night after the battle with Gregory Mama) to prevent the player from escaping the house. To the west side is where Gregory Horror Shop and the door to the western hallway are located. A seating area is located in the central part of this room.


Gregory and James typically hang around here according to their schedules, but they're not the only ones who will inhabit this room.

Every character in the game walks through here for one reason or another, may it be that their positions were shuffled from a Horror Show and they're returning to their own rooms, or may it be that that it is a part of their schedules, like Gregory and James. The lobby may be the biggest room, with more opportunities to hide then other rooms (the chairs can be hidden with), but since everyone walks through here it is also the most dangerous room.


For a more detailed explanation, see page: Item Locations

  • Padlock Key
  • Empty Can (x2)
  • Green Herb
  • Gregory Trading Card
  • James Trading Card


  • The lobby is the only room besides the Courtyard to feature two floors in the same room.
  • Knocking on the east pillar will give the dialogue "Walk north of this pillar and knock on the wall! Nya ha ha". This implies that James is the one who hid an item there, as likes hiding things in other places, too.



A view of the lobby's front desk.