Lost Doll is a resident of Gregory House. Her only purpose in life is to find her missing favourite doll, which her parents mistakenly threw out. However, she doesn't know that she herself is the doll she is searching for. Her cute human girl face lures in victims before her head suddenly spins around to reveal her frightening other face. When her other face is in control, Lost Doll can be rendered harmless by cutting the marionette-esque strings above her.

Appearance in Gregory Horror ShowEdit

Lost Doll appears in both mainstream seasons of the anime, as well as Last Train and The Bloody Karte.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show: Soul CollectorEdit


Lost Dolls other face (Katie)

Lost Doll arrives at the hotel on the second night, along with Mummy Papa, Mummy Dog, Cactus Gunman (and Cactus Girl). Her schedule is split between crying in front of the door to her room and milling about inside with her other face on (with the exception of late at night, when she picks flowers with Cactus Gunman out in the courtyard). She is unique in that attempting to communicate with her will result in a Horror Show regardless of whether you've already stolen her soul or not. Her spite keeps the door to her room closed to the player at all times.

Gregory has a doll available at the Gregory Horror Shop; trade for it and present it to Lost Doll by placing it on the floor in front of her. Her soul will appear in her room while she is happily playing with the doll, ripe for the picking. Eventually she'll lose the doll, putting her back on her schedule.


  • The name of Lost Doll's missing doll (and thus her other face) is Katie, as mentioned in Last Train. The name of the original girl, however, remains unknown.
  • In Soul Collector, Lost Doll is the only guest in Night 2 without any family members with her.
  • Lost Doll's parent's identity and name are unknown.
  • In the game you can prevent Lost Doll from chasing you by dropping a doll. Even after she has started chasing you she will immediately lose interest and go to the doll. This is also useful if you ever want to re-enter her room or spy on Cactus Gunman in his room when she is in the corridor.