Manager's Office
The player searches for items under the bed

Type Other
Unlock Night Night 1
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants Gregory, James

The Manager's Office is a room on the ground floor of the Gregory House in Soul Collector. It is located in the Lobby.


The Manager's Office is where Gregory and James sleep. It is also where James's diary is located, which the player can read. There is a new entry each night.


The north wall has a door which leads to the west side of the Lobby. The west wall has Gregory's and Jame's bed, as well as a nightstand in between the two beds. Knocking on one of these beds may give the player an item, usually a chocolate. A bookshelf sits on the south wall. The east wall has a desk and another door which leads to the front desk.


For a more detailed explanation, see page: Item Locations

  • Chocolate
  • Gregory Exposed Book