Memos are a feature in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector. They are the primary method of keeping track of the other character's movements. Each memo give a name and description of where a character is at any particular time. When they are all brought together, they form a character's entire schedule, allowing the player to keep track of where they are at all times and find or avoid them as required.

All memos the player has recorded can be viewed and reviewed at the desk in the player's room.

Whenever the player records the entire schedule of a character, an action figure of that character will appear on the player's desk.

Recording MemosEdit

Recording a memo requires following and studying the guest. This is done by peeking on the guest through a keyhole. Watch the dialouge that follows (which is required since it is the primary way of learning how to steal souls) and wait until you hear a chime sound. That sound indicates that you've seen all the dialouge that character will provide at that time in their schedule, and the memo will be visible when the player checks the memos in his/her room.