Mummy Dog is a resident of Gregory House. He is a small dog with a cleaver embedded into his head. He, like Mummy Papa, is a proud hypochondriac and enjoys little more than talking about his various injuries and illnesses.

He constantly suffers from "a splitting headache" and tells his Papa about his head hurting, which is unknown to him caused by the cleaver in his head.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show Edit

In the anime, he appears in the first mainstream season and both spin-off seasons.

In The Last Train he and Mummy Papa are seen to be strong enough to withstand the strongest of substances, even poison.

Appearance in Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector Edit

In Soul Collector, Mummy Papa and Mummy Dog appear on the second night, alongside Cactus Gunman, Cactus Girl, and Lost Doll.

He has no soul of his own, but most of the time will guard Mummy Papa whenever he passes out. He can also steal the soul back if you've taken it from Mummy Papa.

When caught by Mummy Dog he will force you to take some of his 'special medicine' and make you take a massive pill! Occasionally, he will call Catherine for a Duet Horror Show, causing you to both take the pill and get a giant syringe to the head.



  • His clothes of a red shirt and blue overall resemble the Nintendo character Mario