Nurse's Office
Catherine's office
Nurse's Office

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Type Infirmary, office
Unlock Night {{{night}}}
Location Ground Floor
Inhabitants Catherine, Mummy Papa, Mummy Dog and Cactus Gunman

The Nurse's Office is the infirmary in Gregory House where Catherine works. Within, she tends to her patients, including Mummy Papa and Cactus Gunman. In Gregory Horror Show: Soul Collector, it is located on the ground floor, on the corner opposite Catherine's room and across the hall from the Lounge. It stands out from the rest of the hotel because of its black and white checkerboard tiled floor and overall cleaned appearance.

In the anime, Catherine's room doubled as her office. The Nurse's Office in the game more closely resembles her anime room, while her room in the game more closely matches the rooms of other guests.


  • 2 Bandages
  • Hell's Chef Trading Card
  • Syringe Monthly #1