Status Condition as seen on the pause screen. From left to right; Tiredness, Headache, Nervousness, Confusion, Melancholy, and Darkness.

Status conditions usually occur over time with the exceptions of Darkness and Melancholy. They make it more difficult to keep the Mental Gauge steady, and also can effect vision and controls. Most conditions can be healed when sleeping in your bed and handing souls over to Death. Certain medications can heal these conditions, which can be found throughout the hotel and in Gregory Horror Shop.

The player's status condition can be accessed and checked on the pause screen, located on the top of the screen.

List of status conditionsEdit


Tiredness Edit

This status condition is received when you do not sleep enough in game. Tiredness occurs after only 8 in-game hours. The way to recover from this condition is to sleep in your bed.


Headache Edit

This condition occurs when you stay tired for too long. After 2 in-game hours of being Tired, you get this condition. It'll steadily decrease the Mental Gauge. Headaches can be healed by using Headache Medicine, Chinese Remedy, and giving souls to Death in your sleep.


Nervousness Edit

When you have a headache for 30 in-game minutes, you will receive this condition. It causes healing items to be only half as effective on the Mental Gauge. This can be removed by using Antacid, Chinese Remedy, and handing souls over to Death.


Confusion Edit

Confusion is obtained when you remain nervous for 15 in-game minutes. It makes it harder to move in the direction you actually want to go, as the controls become inverted. This can be healed with Sedative, Chinese Remedy, and handing souls over to Death in your sleep.


Melancholy Edit

Melancholy only occurs when you witness a horror show and lose a soul you have collected from whichever character attacked you. You'll get so depressed that you won't have the energy to run. It can be healed with Laughing 'Shrooms, Chinese Remedy, and handing souls over to Death.


Darkness Edit

Darkness mostly occurs from 12 AM until 6 AM, but it also can be received in the dungeon floors. This condition makes it harder to see. To cure this condition, use Eyedrops.

Notes Edit

  • When Tired, the screen will pulsate and your character icon will shake if the clock strikes 6 or 12.
  • When Nervous, the screen will pulsate like a heart if the clock strikes 3 or 9.
  • When Melancholy, it seems you are unable to receive any other status conditions naturally besides Darkness.

Gallery Edit


You will know you have been affected by a status condition when you hear this sound: