The Storeroom is a room in Gregory House. Located on the Ground Floor, it is a room where old junks and stuffs are stored.


The Storeroom plays an important role to steal few guests souls:

  • Hell's Chef: To steal his soul, simply go to the kichen and place a variety of unsavoury items into Hell's Chef's pot. After the cutscene and he began to chase you, go to the storeroom and after he enter the room, his flame will be extinguished by the draft from the open window.
  • Clock Master: Steal My Son's screwdriver and present it to Clock Master. After he chased you and collapsed, go back to the Storeroom, present it to My Son and he will give the soul to you.


The north wall has many junks and an old clock. The east wall has a window, piles of boxes, and a desk with Gregory's Dirty Book.


Storeroom is on the ground floor, at the very end of the east hallway facing north, near the 1st floor stairs. The room is also close to Room 106 (Mummy Papa/Mummy Dog's Room) and Judgement Factory.


  • Kettle
  • Expired Cheese
  • Energy Drink
  • Back in Time Book #3
  • Orange Juice
  • Gregory's Dirty Book


  • Gregory (usually spend his time inside by reading his dirty book after you give the book to him)


  • It seems that this room is a "safe zone", meaning that no characters will enter this room even if they're chasing you. One example is when you are chased by Mummy Papa, he will not enter this room. He will stops there in confusion and turns away.